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At Terrasac, we strive to be a household name and a trusted partner in building a sustainable future by developing top-quality compostable products. We believe that composting should be a simple and affordable process that is accessible to all household consumers, and we desire to achieve a positive social and environmental impact in everything we do.

Did you know that up 30-40% of food waste ends up in landfills? At the current pace, this has a detrimental impact on climate change and promotes the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses that in turn pollute the environment. We are proud to support healthy, sustainable homes and communities, with compostable bags and films that are made from 100% GMO-free crops starch and a fully compostable polymer. They are also polyethylene and plasticizer free, giving our consumers confidence that no residual toxins will pollute their compost.

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Our products decompose quickly and effectively, providing compost that enriches your soil and is consumable for the essential microorganisms that reside within. Terrasac bags and films can be used effectively in your own home composting pile, in retail or office environments, or to separate food that will be collected by your municipal composting program.
When you choose Terrasac, you are choosing a partner dedicated to the health and sustainability of our planet.

Why Terrasac ?

Advancing Sustainability Through Innovation

We view our responsibility to the environment as an ongoing effort, and we understand that complacency has no place in our commitment to sustainability.
Innovation is a top priority for us, and there are constantly new methods, advanced developments, and renewable raw materials that we seek to incorporate into our products. The health of the environment is constantly changing, and in order to offer the best products on the market, we remain flexible and adaptable by creating custom solutions that will build sustainable communities. We are excited about new technologies that are on the horizon, and we are constantly striving to give our customers the highest-quality products available through learning, research, and development.


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Terrasac products are designed to enhance the ease of household composting, and are also the perfect sustainable solution for business establishments to showcase a caring commitment to the environment. We all have a responsibility to be stewards of our planet, and when businesses are committed to providing compostable options to their customers, they are seen as a leader in corporate social responsibility. In the competitive retail marketplace, consumers are demanding more from their chosen establishments, often making decisions centered on sustainable business practices. With our selection of compostable bags and films, we desire to provide a comprehensive resource for households, communities, and businesses to work together and become a united voice for sustainability.

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